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Land of the Rising Sunday: The Z Patrol

Not many things stay constant for over 45 years in the diecast market. But one of the few things that did was that Tomica will release any Nissan Z model eventually as a Police version as well. The first one was released all the way back in 1971 - the 240Z Patrol Car:


And the 370Z Nismo is the latest in this long line. And once again, I think it looks great. But I’m a sucker for sports cars in Police livery. Much like the Porsche 911, I never hesitate to buy them in this look.

And if you look at it - what’s not to like? I think it actually looks better than the civilian version. There’s something about the black and white paint that just suits this car to a t - or a Z.


It’s good to know that some things stay the same - and I’m hoping for lots more Z Patrol cars in the future.

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