The other day I noticed that the Bburago GTO I recently acquired was looking a little too #stancenation. So I took advantage of the boys’ afternoon nap time to get this classic back to concourse condition.

A closer look confirmed my suspicion, not just one but both upper control arms were broken. This side was hanging on for dear life and the other was broken clean off.

Three screws came out and I carefully separated the metal body from the plastic base. After I popped out the steering mechanism I was granted easy access to the culprits.




A couple of sniffs drops of super glue later they looked good as new. I didn’t waste the opportunity and cleaned up the chrome engine bay while things cured.

I simply worked my way backwards and reassembled the chassis and interior. Well it would have been simple if I remembered to slip the spare tire back in the first time... Thankfully I remembered to reattach the steering wheel column.


Much better! Back on the office desk it goes.