Big things with little cars

Today my local Walmart had the Porsche Collection hanging on a few hooks. I managed to get the full set after looking through them carefully; there were plenty of most of the models, but I got the last one of both the 959 and the 993 GT2, and there were only two of the 917K. They were at Cdn$ 2.46 - about US$2.00. I’m torn on whether I’ll DLM them or not... I guess I could, and then if I regret it, pick up another set, right? Right? Yeah, right! That’s what I’ll do.

I also scored these:

Corvette C7.R


F&F Buick Grand National

‘69 Camaro Convertible


and this cool Not-A-Jeep™ Matchbox 4x4. This will fit in well with my very small off-road collection of Ram 1500 Quad Cab, Zoolander Bronco and Unimog.


I also stopped in a hobby shop that’s 75% model railroading, 15% 1:24 plastic modeling and 9.9% R.C. to have a look at what they might have for dioramas... Nothin’. He did steer me towards the local John Deere store saying that they would have stuff in the Ertl brand, which he said was 1:64 scale.

As I was leaving I noticed that they had one diecast car hanging all by its lonesome, with a $3.49 price tag, so I rescued it:

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