The movie we had tickets for today turned out to be abysmally bad. It was so bad that we walked out during the ‘interval’* and to kill time, the wife and I, we split up to do some window shopping of our own.

I mean that’s what she thought I was gonna do. But I popped into the Walrmart-esque store in the mall and found these beauties.

I also found (and left behind) an Aston Martin 77, a Pagani Huayra. And after coming home I realized that I’d left behind something else too, a car that would have been a good fit in my “cars with a (hi)story” collection - the Mazda Repu pickup. I’m gonna go back there on Tuesday and let me see if my luck holds.

(* Movie screenings in India include a 10 minute break midway through the movie for us to load up on more popcorn, soda and such).