My first

My first Auto World (purchased by me, for me), starting with a nice one, I’d say.
How do I know if I find one of the red chase cars from AW? There were a pair of Impalas hanging with this GT, both a darker red than “normal,” There was nothing on the package to indicate they were anything special, so I left them.
Also, if you find this Ford GT on the pegs, check the spinners on the wheels...the other one at walmart had some sloppy silver paint/tampo on the front wheel, enough to make me leave it behind.

Am I the only one here old enough to remember Linda Vaughn?

Isn’t there someone here who is collecting Talledegas? If not, it’s just a set of rubber tires for me. The JD McDuffie car is my NASCAR interior and wheels for the contest.


Not into Country and/or Western, but I’ve never seen diecast Legends racecars. There are probably a bunch, I just never looked for any. Also, unpunched card...whoopee!

You may see a pair of motorcycle engine powered, glorified go-karts, I see eight T/A COMP BF GOODRICH tires with Centerline-adjacent chrome rims on axles. The bodies will become available at some point, I’m pretty sure.
All in all, I managed to keep to a small budget today, in anticipation of upcoming events.