Quick stop at the indoor/outdoor flea symposium today, and I may have found my first Choro Q. Definitely found another Mystery Car...!

Clockwise from left; MC Toys Mercedes Benz 260 SEL, Takara VW Bus w/raft, large Toyota something from Zyll. The number is D114, but I can’t find it haven’t found it yet. And finally, another MC Toys, a Renault 25 V6 Turbo.
All of these are in very good condition, very light playwear. The Takara VW Bus has raised letter rubber tires that say DUNLOP. I have found a BUNCH of Choro Q VWs, but not one like this. Says 1981 on the bottom, so it was before the TOMY merger

EDIT: It IS a Toyota after all. It is either a Celsior or a Crown Majesta, depending on the market. Thank you Small Scale Sydney, carcrasher88, and Boxer_4!
It’s not a Toyota, despite the logo in the center of the grille. According to japaneseminicargarage.weebly dot com (yes, it’s weebly), It’s supposed to be a Lexus LS400. Unless, of course, Toyota released this body as JDM under the Toyota badge...in which case, it’s back to being a Mystery Car...

EDIT #2: The VW Bus is a 1981 Takara Penny Racers Vantastic VW Bus. Mine is missing the stickers on the side panels that said Vantastic. Choro Q didn’t come along until after the TOMY merger. It’s all cleaned up now, and might warrant its own post one day.