Just few quick pictures of some of scores from yesterdays annual Vintage car swap meet, some i have already DLM'd.

A couple of McDonalds Hotwheels at a couple bucks NZ the one you can't see is the hot rod roadster in orange they will be DLM'd later.

Priced between 50c to 2$ NZ I thought these were quite good scores they aren't mint but very good condition.


The Matchbox cost me $5 each they have been DLM'd they had been resealed so I reopened them and they are in real good nick I opened the seal on the corgi and I don't think it had been opened before its mint it also cost 5 bucks, will share DLM'd photos later.

These two were carded the 62 chevy was $10 they are new if you can find them $12 and the flamed beast was $5 and it just wasn't available over here so must have been a private import , the 3 behind are Maisto that I have shown here before.


2012 Willys Treasure Hunt was carded and at 5$ was a good score, I also got 3 carded HWs at $1 each 2 1998 ones and a 2012 but I DLM'd them and have filed them away somewhere so when I find them again I will show.


But this was my best score by the look of the back panel 70s it had been opened but has very little play wear and everything works like new. I remember trying to get my parents to buy it for me and even way back then it wasn't cheap, so at $20 NZ I think it was my score of the day, will look good with my 70s era Siku vehicles, will show it in all its glory sometime soon Yours In small diecast Dave H NZ.