Big things with little cars

Savers Mega Haul!

On my last weekday of spring break, I decided to load up some stuff to donate and bring the family to Savers. Man did I get there at the right time! Somebody had obviously donated a collection, there was a ton of good carded stuff. Here’s what I grabbed, I left a bunch behind.

I’d be willing to trade the .com one, as well as one of the GTS-Rs.


I also got a great bag of loosies, my favorite being the Speed Machines Ford GT LM. I’d be willing to trade the Enzo, they never did it for me

But most amazing of all, this Auto World 2 in 1 slot car set for only $10! With all it parts! No cars, but this appears to have been a $150 set new.


I impulse bought this Bandit TA slot car a couple years ago. Guess I’ll have to get something for it to race :)


I’ve never had a proper slot car set before. Just a toy Tyco set when I was a kid, so I’m pretty excited.

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