Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Scalper at Target (rant)

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Why? Why do I always run into these people?

I stopped by Target today on my lunch break to grab the retro loop race track for my nephew for his birthday in a week. While I was there, I thought I’d take a look at what’s on the pegs, and there’s this middle-aged scalper with a cart and both hands full of cars picking through everything mumbling to himself. He’s blocking the entire display, and he reeks of BO. I went to the end of the aisle where the retro stuff was on display, grabbed the loop set, and looked at the retro cars. Still no Hurst/Olds. I went back into the aisle behind him to see if he’d left anything behind. I spotted the red Escort. Since I’ve got the blue one and the white one, I figured I’d grab it. Mind you, he’s eyeballing me the entire time. Before I could reach for it, HE SHUFFLES THROUGH THE PILE IN HIS HANDS, AND PUTS A HURST/OLDS BACK ON THE PEGS. I had to stare at it, and him, for a minute. Sure, we all love to score new castings, rare castings, treasure hunts, and supers(still haven’t come across either of those) but come on. There’s no need to block the aisle and stink people out while you pick over everything, and there’s no need to hoard every single casting that’s popular right now. People like this make me wish HW didn’t even release THs or STHs. All the stores around me take forever to restock and it’s because people like this grab everything as soon as it’s on the pegs to make a quick buck on ebay. I feel like someone should stand at the end of the aisle and ask what the shopper’s intentions are, so the people actually buying for kids get the chance to go first. Not to mention, if you can smell the guy an aisle away, he should be redirected to the deodorant section before being allowed to do any shopping. If you can fill your cart with HW, you can afford some speed stick.

And yes, I grabbed the Hurst/Olds. Didn’t care about the dirty look he gave me as I did.


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