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Scenic Sunday: 2016 Norev Renault Scenic

I developed a taste for Norev 1:64 diecast when I was based in France for work not too long ago. Norev does a fantastic job of making small-scale diecast cars of Peugeots, Citroens, and more recently, Renaults. Each of these French car manufacturers have boutiques along the Champs Elysees in Paris, which carry a sizeable range of 1:64 (or 3-inch, as they call them in France) diecast models of almost every roadgoing car, van and even concept car from that marque.

I thought to show one of my latest acquisitions (courtesy of a friend who went on a work trip to Paris), the 2016 Renault Scenic, which was just launched in Spring this year.

The Norev models typically become available very soon after the official launch of the actual car, probably because: (i) they are used heavily in promotional activities surrounding the car launch (e.g. auto show displays, etc.); and (ii) they were likely developed in close collaboration with the car manufacturer months before the car’s official launch.


Renault moved away from Norev for a couple of years, relying on various other lesser-known diecast manufacturers (e.g. Eligor, etc) to produce its small-scale diecast. It turned back to Norev only 1-2 years ago, with Norev doing some of its best ever work with the diecast offerings of Renault’s latest Twingo, Espace, Talisman, Megane, etc.

Norev also deserves strong praise for this Scenic...just look at the amount of detail on what is essentially a Matchbox-sized car!


This Renault Scenic is in its 4th iteration, with the original model (launched in 97) having redefined the compact MPV segment with its highly flexible and functional interior. This latest model remains true to form, with practicality being one of its major selling points.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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