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Scuderia Sunday | Ferrari F1 cars for an F1 weekend

Ahh...the day I’ve been waiting for... F1 weekend! Today is the Italian GP held at Monza, so I’ve decided to show my Burago 1/43 Scuderia Ferrari F14-T ‘Kimi Raikkonen’ (left) and Scuderia Ferrari SF15T ‘Sebastian Vettel’ (right) in honour of the home team’s race.

Sebastian Vettel qualified 3rd and teammate Kimi Raikkonen qualified 4th to lock out the second row of the grid for today’s race. Let’s hope the currently struggling ‘Cavallino Rampante’ can give their fans, the famous ‘Tifosi’ , something to cheer about come the chequered flag.

Go Ferrari!🔴🏎🏎🏁


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