In honor of the upcoming 1st Anniversary of Live and Let Diecast! I'm going to run some memorable articles from the past year. Where better to start than with its history? -Jeff

Gather 'round kids,

I'm going to take you guys back a little further than where Uly took us yesterday, and then tie it all together. This is part II of the story of LaLD from my point of view. I had recently joined the Oppo community a few months prior and I was still trying to fit in. I was doing things all the cool kids were doing; like posting things for theme days and the latest trend: posting up my Hot Wheels fleet.

After retrieving my collection from storage at my father's house, I hand picked my favorites and showed them off on my pool table. I hadn't looked at these cars for years! I'm not sure why I had two Ferrari 360's; I'm guessing I had bought the silver car first and then I found a red one. Half-jokingly, I asked if anyone wanted to trade for a 360.


To my surprise, Mycarneverruns commented that El Uly was looking for a 360 hardtop. Literally three minutes later (seriously, go look at the comments) El Uly himself chimed in. We made a gentlemans' agreement to ship each other a Hot Wheels car: a Ferrari 360 for a BMW M3. The Hot Wheels Exchange Program was born.

Mycarneverruns knew he had just witnessed the awesomeness that was the first HWEP trade right away. Enthusiastically, he declared that we all work to make this a "thing". I posted a feeler post to gauge interest in the new program to the rest of OppositeLock. Shortly after, Mycarneverruns posted the first draft of the official HWEP rules. It was now a thing.


The HWEP spread like wildfire. Fellow Opponauts began posting their childhood collections and swarming to big box stores for fresh trade bait. HWEP had become a household name on OppositeLock, until the beginning of the great inventory shortage of '14, a fake event I made up. As soon as new content started to dwindle, opponents of the program began to voice their displeasure of the overwhelming number of HWEP posts on Oppo.

Uly, Mycar.n.r., and myself began holding meetings in an undisclosed underground bunker... I mean email... to discuss the future of our creation. We dreamed of a place to discuss and share opinions of all things diecast. We just needed to figure out how...


Then, like a pheonix rising from the flames, Jeff Simmons created a new Kinja sub-blog dubbed HWEP. He shared our vision, and we all joined forces to create "Live and Let Die-cast". Jeff's blog ensured the HWEP would carry on.

It was slow goings at first, but the content started rolling, stores started to restock, trades were being made. Frosted and Philipilihp joined in as mods. We had our first International HWEP, and got shout outs from Hooniverse, Lamley Group, and saw some FP Jalopnik action. Next the traveling Torchbug took off. We've got a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and Mopar Mondays! Now here we are, eight months after that first trade, and it's all thanks to you, fellow LaLDcasters.