Secret Super!!!!

My Secret Super finally arrived!!!! Apparently I never gave Frosted my updated address, so it went to my old place. Luckily, the Post Office caught it and got it to me at my new house! And boy am I glad they did.... Let’s open it up and see what we’ve got here.

Very nice. Starting it off right with some checkered flag duct tape. I like it.


Oooo, we’re going British! The James Bond Lotus Esprit (you know, the one that turns into a submarine) and an Aston DB5!

Now for a little JDM love. The red Civic EK hatch! I’ve been trying to find this one for a while. I’ve only ever found the black Civic, but always wanted this one because it reminds me of a car from Initial D (the guy that does the gumtape challenge). Very cool!


HOLY SWEET DEAR LORD BABY JEZUZ AND THA SHEPARDS!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THE HOLY TRINITY OF DATSUN HOTWEELS!!!!! The red 510 wagon that I’m missing, and the Real Riders 240Z and 510 that I’ve so desperately wanted!!!!!! THANK YOU to whoever my Secret Super was. I don’t know who on here is from Utah, but you sir (or madam?) are awesome!!!!!

Now, to contemplate whether or not to DLM the RR Datsuns...

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