Big things with little cars

Secret Super 2017 :D

Now that work is finally calming down I can get caught up on taking some pics of lovely boxes that came in the mail. This arrived appx 2 months ago haha! It’s my Secret Super gift from 2017. Also in the box was a nice apology letter from the sender stating life got in the way of diecast gift goodness. Hang in there man! Your happiness comes first and I really appreciate that you did not forget me after a couple years! To say this box was unexpected would be an understatement. A really awesome eclectic mix of cars! I am absolutely chuffed to have the Renault 5 Turbo, which is a fantastic HW offering. Love the VW to bits and the rest are all awesome.

Thank you so much mystery sender! Better late than never is appreciated. But, take care of yourself and buy some cars to make life awesome again! 


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