This was a great two-fer! I found my Secret Super box right before heading out on my Christmas vacation roadtrip, and another box as I got home.

First, a HUGE thank you to Roundbadge for the Secret Super M2 Autojapan set! Seriously does the name “super” proud. It’s an amazing set and I never found all of them so this is perfect!

Second, the box from Vdubyajohn was filled to the brim with cool stuff! We had talked about the Dexter and Deedee cars, but the rest was a great surprise.

The first one I pulled out was this Tonka Trucksters rally 911, which is just brilliant. I’m going to see if I can straighten the axle and clean the car a little bit, but it’s already perfect.


Next are the aforementioned Dexter and Deedee twins. I used to LOVE Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network in my younger days, so these two have a prized place in my collection now.


Then came a Husky Aston Martin DB6. The patina is great, but I’m thinking about doing a light restore anyway, maybe just to restore the bumper. Great casting!

On to a chrome Hot Wheels Porsche 959 and an unknown brand 911 in a great black and yellow deco.


And lastly, a set of four Motor Force “Porsches” with free rolling wheels! They’re so quirky it’s amazing.

John, thanks so much for this box of goodies! I’ll have to make the return box extra special.