Got home from visiting family out of town and found my Secret Super box!

Looks like I got IDM3 again this year and holy crap did he outdo himself.

So much good stuff!! First up the loose guys:

Epic stuff from MBX. The detail is all amazing.
Some different makes mixed in here, all super cool. My wife loves the Wagoneer!
Couple variations in here. Super stoked to get the MBX version of the miata!
‘62 Corvette is the highlight for me here. My favorite corvette and I’ve never managed to hunt one down!!


Finally some more premium stuff. Love it all!

Thanks again IDM3, this is all epic stuff and I really didn’t expect to cross so much off my want list!! In regards to the note, there’s really no need to send anything more, I would have been pleased just to get a few crossed off the list!

Now for a couple trades. I had a trade with androoo and plasticprints and both sent me some RAOKs as well :D


Everything in here was epic.
This box was mainly for the Pikes Peak Celica, but porsches are always welcome :D

Love anything involved with Pikes Peak as I lived in Colorado Springs for a long time and got to see it every day. Was even lucky enough to go to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb one year, so the Celica driven by Rod Millen (and set a 13 year record as well) is a big want of mine. Here’s my collection so far (with the Tacomas too haha).


also for good measure, my 993 GT2 and 934 turbo RSR collection so far:


Thanks to everyone for these trades/gifts! I hope LaLD has some happy holidays and enjoys time with their families, I know I will be!