I actually got my secret super at the beginning of the week, but I didn’t get around to taking pictures until today.

My Secret Super stayed true to the secret part as I’ve never traded from his name/address before despite having HWEP’d with almost everyone here... very tricksy!

Awesome Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars!!

Super stoked as I haven’t found quite a few of these. Especially the Hovermode BTTF DeLorean and that Willys Pickup! My dad used to have a Willy’s pickup and it will be customized to match the paint color of the one he used to have. There will be a few other customs of these as well :) I’m thinking dark brown Tesla Model S, and Abarth Fiat 500. The others are very welcome as well. I haven’t pulled the trigger on the red Elmiraj yet, but it really is an excellent color for it.


Next is this Motor Max 1:24 Jag XKR


Gorgeous Color on this and the best Jag before Jaguar made their new generation cars. Also my mother’s favorite jag ;)


DLM’s for your pleasure :D

Merry Christmas!!