Big things with little cars

So on Friday, after my bugging her for a few days, my sister finally went and checked her mail box to see what has shown up during her long vacation when she was out gallivanting across the South West. So she finally confirmed yeserday that my Secret Super had delivered. And how!


I went to grad school in Athens, Ohio. So my Super being from my erstwhile neck of the woods is even more special!

Nate13, you rock, bruh! The Matchboxes, the 2000 GT and the white Kenmeri Skyline from JH1 in particular will be treasured! I could never lay my hands on those here in India.

My sister was able to take individual pics last year, but now my nephew is going through a particularly energetic phase of the terrible threes and he wont sit still long enough for my sister to breathe in peace. So I will have to post individual pictures only when my mother comes back to India.

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