First off: THANK YOU PHILIPHILIP!!!! I received your package last week, and I have to say, I made a less then manly noise in the excitement coming in after I saw VDH Customs on the Box.

I instantly dug in, and I was so happy to find this Outlaw! It is absolutely perfect, and blows my mind away the level of craftsmanship. I absolutely adore it!!! It has become my new gold standard for judging the quality of my customs.

Also small side note: This actually reminded me about it because I completely forgot I had signed up for this. So so sorry to my recipient (idk if it’s okay to say- but if your username is related to that of the longroof version of a dead Swedish car brand, um- yeah it’s going out Monday)

It will be going into my display case that I will eventually build once it gets warmer.


The rest of the box was also seriously awesome- I got my first carded error (I have found 3 errors in the wild- one was a tampo error on the opposite of the bubble, but I didn’t realize it until after I opened them). And it’s on one of my favorite casts at that!

And I love the decals- I’ve been needing some new decals, and they will be going to good use. I already foresee them going on the green light Garage set I bought online and should be shipping.

In addition to this, for Christmas my parents got me a starter kit for airbrushes. I’m seriously psyched and scared at the same time. I’ve seen the House of Kolor cars on Instagram- and now that I have this, I’m constantly checking up the website.


My next skill set id like to master are, in order, dremel, weathering, putty bodykits, styrene, and custom chassis.

So using my new found kit, the first warm day (were talking 45* here haha), I finally broke it out.

So, taking an old firebird from my childhood days, and a new Charger 500, here are the results:

<3 I love these things.


I had not glued it yet, and ignore the messed up black stripe- still not bad for a first attempt at free handing airbrush.
Everything on this car was freehanded. The side stripe- hood- everything was free handed. Which, all things considered, it looks pretty fantastic.
The tailights on the firebird were a bitch, and after seeing how bad the bumper is/was, I touched it up. It’s good again.


It’s supposed to be flat green with black stripes, it’s a lot more noticeable in person.
And the flat clear did not help matters, as it has a lot of orange peel (FOR NO REASON), and it messes with the light?

And moving past these, I have 3 other customs that are technically WIP but just finishing up. And are in their final phase. I have 2 corvettes, and a WIP T2 Pickup.


The corvettes are pretty much done. I made the White one for my girlfriend, after her dream car, and I made the blue one for myself. All I have to do now is get some RR wheels. Both are getting 10SPRR wheels, the Corvette chrome, and the Blue one black.

To go on the record, I HATE WHITE SO MUCH. It is the biggest PITA to work with. You can’t touch it up, and it shows every imperfection. I hate it hate hate HATE white so much.

So long story short, just ignore the f’ed up front headlight and rear on the white Corvette.


His & Hers
Free handed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



You may also recognize the blue Corvette- I directly stole it from a Grand Sport (I think?) I saw at the Jalopnik car show in New Jersey:


Doc all things considered I think it came out well. I wasn’t a fan of the white vents on the hood, so I left them black.

And finally, I leave you with this WIP/Expiremental-ish T2 pickup. The quality is not the best, but it was mostly freehanded, and it was honestly just for sh*t and giggles, as I’m out of red and yellow spray paint, and I couldn’t wait to do it *right*. It’ll be stripped again, as I don’t have any other T2 pickups. Seriously, people in my area picked the stores clean of these.

Also, it was 100% inspired by one of the cars in the first micro Monday post by Shop-Teacher, as you can see here: (it’s the van, second (or third) row down, far right.)


I’m going to go for a lighter grey when I do it next time.


Anyone have good advice for checkered roofs?

Anyway until next time!