Bonjour, et bienvenues au semaine des Simcas! Although I already showcased the Simca Chambord, by DeAgostini, I have still another Chambord, from Ixo, that I bought from the Bay of E way before DeAgostini even thought about their Brazilian car collection.

This model is perfect. The colors are spot on, and the amount of details is way higher than DeAgostini’s. White wall tires and the little black license plate, a special category of licenses in Brazil are the icing of the cake!

If you’re curious about the history of the Simca Chambord, the first luxury car made in Brazil, I reffer you to the link I put on the first paragraph. I’ll then explain here what’s this nifty black plate.


The black license plates are for collector’s vehicles, something like California’s historic cars licenses. To get one, the car must have at least 30 years and more than 80% of originality. You can have accessories on it, but they must be period correct for the car. The originality, or conservation, is verified by one of many car collectors’ associations in Brazil.

When you get one, your car don’t need to pass through anual inspections anymore, it isn’t restricted by emissions or safety regulations, you don’t need to have safety equipment that became mandatory after the year of fabrication (for example, you won’t need three-point seat belts on a Simca Chambord) and you aren’t constrained by the rodízios, days on which cars whose plates end with a specific number can’t be driven, to help traffic.


Also, those black plates make any car looks sexier, because we know they’re the best of the best :D


I hope you liked, and stay tuned for tomorrows episode, when we’ll have the wagon version of the Chambord, the Jangada!

Also, what do you know of my new photo spot?

Also, what do you think of my new photo spot? (sorry, I wasn’t paying attention of what I wrote above)


Au revoir, et Ă  demain!