So there I was...telling the wife we should visit the Wally’s that has the better selection of diecast...which is also 2 miles further than the one she wanted to visit (Friday night grocery shopping...yep, we’re old!). She ‘convinced’ me to go to the other Wally’s because the milk and other items are cheaper. She’s right...we’ve done some price comparing and ‘her’ WM is usually $0.50 to $1 cheaper on some items. Odd.....

Once we got there I ventured over to the diecast section and started scoping out the selection. I was surprised to find a few decent finds, although I already what they had on the pegs, but none the less, a good selection. Ventured down another isle and unopened M2 box. So I asked the dude if I could open it up and with a sigh, he let me open it. As I was doing so, I told him I would put them on the shelf for him as well. Hmmm...this changed his attitude. He dug into the boxes and pulled out another M2 box and opened it for me. NICE! I pulled each Auto Hauler out carefully, tearing out the delicate shipping tissue paper. AAAAAAAND THERE IT WAS!!

“750 Pieces WorldWide” was the first thing that caught my eye. Was I really doing this?? Did I actually find an M2 Chase Auto Hauler??


Funny thing about this combination is that you have a classic American truck hauling a JDM vehicle with a Japanese wheel/tire manufacture for a livery. Just seems a little out of place.’s a keeper!