Set HAWLs and Intro

Hello fellow LALDers! Newbie here - name’s John. I started collecting only 4 years ago and truly kickstarted the addiction over the past couple.

I started the hobby by gifting ornaments to friends and family; it caught on and grew to consume my own personal gain. Now, I’m hunting 2-3x a week.

The past couple weeks have been quite fruitful. Case A-D Mainlines hit and I was fortunate enough to find a couple sets of the F&F collection. Just missing the Pink S2K so if anyone has a couple they can part with, let me know!


On Xmas travels, I found a WalMart that stocked this older BMW set. Couldn’t pass it up! Just missing another K1300R to complete.

Desperately hunting the FUGU Z. I’ll post my entire collection later - organization in progress, but wanted to get the first post out of the way.


A little about me - hail from the Twin Cities in MN. Been a gearhead all my life under my Father’s wing. Got an ‘02 Z06 in the garage that’s far from stock (owned for 7 years now). Mostly a mainline collector for all things exotic, Porsche, ‘Vettes, JDM and vintage Muscle.

Thanks for having me and happy to be here!

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