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Shell Ferrari Lego

So instead of Bburago diecasts for the time being, Shell here in Malaysia is offering a line of Lego Ferrari cars and playsets on a week-by-week basis with the purchase of RM40 worth of fuel or 4 litres of Helix lubricants. Prices vary depending on what you purchased.


Yeah, they’re actually cheaper than 1/64 Bburago Ferrari diecasts sold here. If you don’t count the cost of the fuel or lubricants, that is.

For your money, you can get the F138, 250 GTO, 512S, F12 Berlinetta, a model of the Fiorano Shell Station in Lego and a Lego podium set. Buying RM40 of V-Power 97 also entitles you to purchase a limited edition Lego Shell tanker. There’s a Collector’s Case of sorts available as well, but I don’t have any details on what that is (if it contains everything but the tanker and is available from Day 1 I know what I’m getting).


Full details and terms and conditions are here on the Shell Malaysia website.

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