I want to see some diecast 80’s origami. The folded paper design era is by far the era that attracts me the most. Sure cars were starting to become more angular by the early 70’s but by the 80’s design was pretty much ruled by the ruler. I want to see your favorite square designs.

Not all cars conformed to the 80’s status quo but personally I think they may have looked a bit better if they did. The 924 for example looked a million times better when given boxed fenders.

Even the mustang got a European reboot. The Foxbody mustang is likely what started my love for the 80’s because I remember 6 year old me being in complete disbelief that a mustang didn’t have to always look mocho.


My older brothers were all into wrestling and heros that looked the part. My favorite superheros were teenage PowerRangers and Spiderman and I was always Donatello. I felt Starscream could make a better Megatron. 80’s cars just broke the normal stereotypes I felt. The cars were unassuming, restrained and a bit more clever. Cars were finding ways to work with unleaded gas and emission standards not just drop compression, slap on ugly bumpers and accept the hand dealt to them. Hell, Ford even gave the 85mph speedometer requirement a pretty bold slap in the face with numberless gauges.


Cars began regaining their curves by the mid 80’s. Suddenly things were becoming “aero” and looking like melted bars of soap. By the 90’s The Probe, 3000GT, Miata.., etc all did away with edges almost entirely. I think new cars are kind of a mix of curves and edges. Sharp creases flowing into curves. All this has only made me more nostalgic.