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Show us: Hot Rods

I was talking with Philipilihp the other day with what to do with scrap parts from our customs. I really like the idea of building hot rods, like Mycarneverruns has done in the past:


I do have a couple "factory" hot rods in my collection. The '32 Ford I had got as a kid, and it's one of the few cars I actually like with flames. The red So Fast I actually found packaged with a Christmas ornament this past holiday season. It came with a smaller So Fast jumping through a ring of fire that you're supposed to clip onto a lightbulb. Anyway, I moved it from the box in the attic to the pool table in the basement. It's got "2002" tampos on it, so I wasn't that young when I got it lol


I also got a Bone Shaker from XJDano from secret super, but that's still on the card.

What are the hot rods in your collection?

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