Showcasing Mercedes-Benz SL55 which was produced at 2004 and The Matchbox Ridge Rider produced at 2006. which i got both from a 50€ Store. So its one of my loosebinfinds!

So lets start off at the Mercedes. I like the blueish color and the wheels has something like a text on it says β€œmatchbox” which is the first matchbox I’ve seen with it.

Headlights and Tailights are detailed! Even front grill! It’s also a convertible and MBEmblem at front. Playe Number at the back and detailed tampos at the back aswell. Alltho scratched Windows. But still fine! πŸ‘πŸ»


Plastic Base, Color grey. Very heavy compared to hotwheels right now.


Now lets go to the Ridge Rider. I like the look, looks like a humvee.Would look nice if customed at flat black 😝 The wheels aswell! And i like the camfloudge theme on it! Oh and its color is flat beige. Everything is matte/flat even tampos! No much details on lights.. Black base, Plastic base. Heavier than Hotwheels. And had Mud flaps. Which are great!! Also has 2 Extra wheels at the back.

So thanks for reading! Sometimes you can get goodones at Bins! Not pegs!😜 Whats the best loosebin find have you got? @darvz_customs


Heres a teaser for my next showcase! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»