Big things with little cars


Couldn’t sleep. Tried doing some hotwheels to calm my mind. Was continuing work on a front splitter, and used some glue to fill it a couple rough spots (don’t have the proper stuff, was kinda experimenting)

Set it up on top of my lamp to dry. Sneezed really hard and jerked my desk. Splitter Fell back behind my desk. And I was getting pretty close to finishing it after an hour or two worth of work. I just had to sand down the filler paint it, and go for final attachment.


Which means I have to either sacrifice another Huayea Roadster (which I HATE sacrificing cars) or move my desk out from my wall (no easy feat. It sits on top of the crown molding so it could fit in the corner- and I’m sure the splitter is between that.

Not the first casualty either, as you can see a London double decker bus that’s fallen back in there aswell. But that was at least caught on the window ledge

And just to give you an idea of the type of hunting luck I’ve had- I finally found some of the HW Favorites- in my local grocery store no less- except all of them were the Javelins. Seriously.

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