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Sightings at a boring auto show

There’s an auto show I attend annually with my dad for the sake of getting a free magazine subscription. Tickets were free in the first place. It’s more on the boring side in that concept cars are nonexistent and the cars for show there are generally practical. Generally.

Some radness for y’all
They seriously used this as the re-entry stamp
Whole lotta carbon fiber
1 of 99 Vanquish Zagato Volante. My dad said the $800k sticker price on it absurd even after I pointed to the Koenigsegg. You could actually walk up to the Aston Martins at this show (because you can actually consider them practical in Orange County; they’ve had Bentleys on display just like a typical Chevy in prior years)
Speaking of Chevy, I sat inside one for the sake of it
My dad actually liked this Camry
Black Panther Lexus used from the actual film
Some of the cars featured by the event organizer
My camera turned into a potato
This car made my spine tingle. Wish I brought a pocket car. Didn’t take pictures of the car itself but it doesn’t need an introduction. Loved how the shape of the rear wing matches the rear window so I can’t see it from the rearview mirror. Will own a 1:1 eventually.
Took pictures of the brakes for reference for detailing my diecasts
They added a section for work trucks. Very practical

Other random things: There are also test drives at this show but didn’t have the time this year to do it. Most of the BMWs shown were M-series. Porsche was mostly pre-owned certified vehicles sponsored by a local dealer. Maserati, Bentley, and Cadillac were not present at this show for whatever reason even though a large percentage of the attendees from this area are part of their target market. The CTS-V was available for test-driving in prior years.

Some diecast at the show your time

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