The weather here in Taiwan isn’t exactly favorable, its been grey sky and drizzling light rain for the past few days but its not stopping anyone from going out. Including me.

Heck, its not even cold, by the standard of the Mile High State where it already snowed. It feels like Spring instead of Winter. Of course, Taipei 101 is definitely one of the top attraction to see when visit Taiwan.

Also spotted this rather appetizing Christmas tree.

Next, off to what I really want to do on my vacation. Diecast hunting, specifically here at Tomica Square. They have a larger selection compare to most places I know and since Christmas is just around the corner, they do sales vary between 10% to 20% off.  


I don’t have a Top 10 diecast list created yet, but this has got to be up there.


I spy one with my little eye one miserable EDC companion.

Help!!! Somebody!!!


At Tomica Square, they setup a mini play area for kids to destroy have fun with their cars which the kids either brought them from home or they just got fresh out of the package. The EDC Cherokee tried one of the downhill loops and it failed miserably, landed on its roof and didn’t make it through the loop. To be fair, it was never designed to be a stunt car.

Playtime over. Dinnertime!


Not bad for $7


The whole gang. This won’t be all of my HAWLs though, and nor will it be all Tomicas. I still have a couple of cars I want to get so there will be sequels along the way. I’ll be doing reviews on most of the cars shown here except maybe the R33 GTR coupe. Not because I hate it, but because I already wrote about the R33 coupe before I left for vacation. I also want to save it for a comparison post with the HW version once I get back to the states. If there is a car that you want to see me review first, do let me know in the comments. The Italian cars will be reserved for Spaghetti Sunday.

That’ll be all for now. Check back soon. Cheers.