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Signage Sunday: New Diorama!

Some progress on a new diorama; the curve at the end of the Mulsanne Straight during the 1968 Le Mans. So for all you Le Mans fanatics - and I know you’re out there! - forgive my ignorance of some basic facts about this classic competition.

First, I had no idea a significant part of the course is on public roads! Nor did I know that the Mulsanne Straight is named for the village at the end of the straight, which is a public road. You can see the markings in this photo:


The public road continues off to the right to Mulsanne and there’s a big sign with red arrows directing the cars toward the turn. Mulsanne Straight is the English term but in French the road is called Ligne Droite des Hunaudieres.

So here’s where I started:

Just a grass mat and some crayon markings. Today I assembled some signs and temporarily placed them to get the positioning right before gluing them in place.


Next steps are to build the sand berm off to the right and weather the track appropriately; add foliage and figures, etc. and then maybe I can stage scenes like this:


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