Big things with little cars

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a drill. Simba Dickie Group has announced today that they have acquired Los Angeles, California based toy manufacturer Jada Toys.

As many of you know, Simba Dickie is also the parent company of Majorette, which ended up exiting the US market after the bankruptcy of Toys R Us.


Jada Toys are quite widely offered, with good selection commonly available at both Target and Walmart. This could be the chance collectors have been waiting for to see Majorette come back to physical retail stores in this country.

According to this Kidscreen article, it seems that the acquisition is mainly in effort to get a stronger foothold in the US market, utilizing Jada’s known licensing agreements with entertainment companies, but I think there’s a chance that they might also use this as a chance to get their own products into the market as well.


This is certainly something that’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

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