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Sister Hawl II - Teutonic Tuesday Edition

Ok. I am back! December is always a busy month work-wise, thanks to clients in India who want their IT stuff rolled out over the turn of the year. This year with family from the US visiting, it got even busier.

And because the car loving tyke from last year aka my nephew is mad about cars now, I had to keep my cars locked away except for the few cars that were picked out for him to play with during the 3 weeks he was in town. As a result, this post was stuck in drafts for more than a week.  

Annual Porsche Hawl - thanks to the sister!

Anyways, over the last year, I have been getting good stuff off the ‘Bay & Amazon and shipping it to the sister by the Bay in the West. Along the way, I’ve been putting in a little extra to scratch my Porsche itch. I had bought each of these cars as singles whenever possible to take advantage of lower shipping charges alongside a larger order. And now they are all here.

P.S: Ok. I am loving this new slideshow thingy!

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