Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Size Does Matter

One of my other hobbies is model railroading, specifically O-gauge, the Lionel size trains. O-gauge roughly translates into 1/48 scale, although Lionel themselves often stray from that ratio. The problem in the O-gauge community is finding diecast cars that look “right” on the train layout. As we all know here on this forum, most diecast cars are available in 1/43, not 1/48 scale. Lots of construction vehicles can be had in 1/50 scale, but those look too small. 1/43 is what’s available so that’s what we use, even if the vehicles are really too big.

What’s the difference? Here’s a quick shot of two identical Jeeps, a diecast 1/43 by Cararama on the left, and a plastic 1/48 by Tamiya on the right. The figures are 1/48 scale.

Illustration for article titled Size Does Matter

It’s not a huge difference but look at the standing figure between the jeeps. His 1/48 scale shoulder is just above the folded top frame, and we know jeeps aren’t that big. Anyway, all of the above was really just an excuse to post this picture!

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