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Skyline Saturday

Yes, another one.


Fresh off the doorstep, this is one I’ve been trying to get for a while now. I lost a few auctions here and there because I wasn’t willing to go over the $150 mark for this model. As a discontinued product, the prices for a premium 1/18 R35 GT-R model are insane, something which I’ve mentioned often before. Most Buy-It-Now prices are into the $300's, which isn’t the real the market value for this. If you’re lucky enough to find one for auction, they normally end somewhere between $150-200. Finally, my persistence paid off as I won this one earlier this week for about $140 shipped.

Full feature will be posted tomorrow. These are just some quick shots, using only natural lighting, that I took because I couldn’t wait. The silver really looks good on this model, something which I never thought I’d say about the color. It is, after all, the R35 GT-R’s signature color. Speaking of color, I didn’t have a preference when I was shopping around. Black, white, silver are all good to me, just not red.

Man, these 1/18's are seriously photogenic, which is why I’m getting in the game right now. Should I mention I have another 1/18 on the way? Y’all won’t be able to guess it, trust me.


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