This is good.

GL has taken a lot of flak lately, for the mediocre (being nice there, GL) QC of its cars. Literally all the cars I got had one problem or another, usually buckled wheels, poorly aligned tires, bad windshields or improperly closing engine lids. I was cautious with this one as well, and voila, it had literally no such problems.

Detailing is almost on point

The GL’s rendition of the beloved Hako is pretty faithful to the actual car. I wish the front had slightly cleaner headlamps but it does little to dampen the spirits. Oh, and it has an opening engine bay.


The rear echoes the front, albeit with a fairly lower degree of cleanliness. Separate rear lamps are nice but the attaching work is not much better than my shoddy work with the 1/24 kit builds. Plastic spoiler is clean and the bumper is superbly crafted.


The sides are super clean and .. Wait what.

My 1/24 workmanship is seen here again, where the bumper gets attached to the body. A massive glue spill. One blemish to ruin it all.


Nagging might sound unfair here, but that one blemish is enough to tarnish an otherwise (very) decent replica.


And that is about it.

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