Decided to try a swap I had in mind for a long time. It worked (sort of).

The Retro R34 did not want to leave the R33 aloneduring the shoot so I kept it as well.

It is a shame that Matchbox, with their limited portfolio (next to Hot Wheels) has an incredible range of wheels on offer that are not shared across the two brands (unlike the Real Riders in the MBX Best Of series until 2017).

Kudos to HW as well, for doing a quite decent casting of R33.

There are times when you rip apart a car for wheels and simply let it go to the crusher. In this case though, I felt bad about the donor.



Needless to say, the Challenger is also a casting worthy of some good wheels, so finally a 914 from MBX Best of series becomes the ultimate loser!


Oh, and by the way a footnote. Vdubyajohn asked me how I take these snaps. This is my setup :D

The set-up includes an elevated flat surface (table), sheet of glass, the torch (+tissue to soften the light) and the white wall. In most angles, you are likely to avoid the separation between the edge of the glass sheet and the background (wall). Cheap as hell, but works :D


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend