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Skyline Saturday - Tamiya R34 Z - Tune

Yet another kit build, but slightly better results this time.

This is another Tamiya 1/24 kit, depicting arguably the most desirable car ever to wear a Skyline badge (and a Nissan badge maybe); the Nismo Z - Tune. The real car makes mincemeat of the standard R34, and is super rare with only 30 examples ‘developed’ from previously bought Skylines. It is the holy grail of Godzilla lineage, at least for me.


The kit is probably one of the best modern curbside kits around. It blends traditional Tamiya strengths of superbly detailed body and parts with some neat touches like the window masking sticker and a handful of photo - etched parts. There is another separate set of photo - etched parts dedicated for this kit but I could not find it for a decent price.

I am by no means able to boast about this build (it is far from good honestly), but compared to the previous builds, I can be really happy with the outcome. Need that little ounce more of patience to not ruin the decals though.

Granddad would have been so proud of the grandson Z - Tune!

At least this remains the most affordable large - scale Z - Tune I can buy.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend! 

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