Is for sale via Matchbox transit.


As you may have heard that MBX transit’s Taxi fleet is switching over to hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius and no long be using the Ford Crown Victoria.

So we are liquidating all unnecessary vehicles like this slightly used 2008 Ford Crown Victoria. It’s an EX-CHP cruiser with just over 100k miles on it. Unfortunately it does need work as it was originally part of a bulk lot of cars to be used for parts. It does not have a title and is sold under as a salvaged vehicle. With some TLC we’re sure you can get it back on the road or used to repair your car. All warning lights to turn on and stay on and engine has a slight knocking sound last time it was started but it could be the exhaust rattling.

Please call our customer service number if you’re interested or come down to the lot and see this and others we have available.