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Small hawl is better than no hawl

As I’ve complained before recently, the diecast situation at my usual Targets has been dire. But I stopped in at my close Target today for a couple non-diecast things, yet still found myself in the diecast aisle.

Almost all old stuff, but they seem to be trying to clear the premium stuff off the pegs as a lot of it was $1 off. Maisto wasn’t, but they’d actually put a few new things out. Those things happened to be relevant to my interests, so I bought them.


To be honest, it’s not the greatest Nomad casting of all time, but I liked the green and whitewalls and I honestly have a hard time resisting any Nomad.

Mediocre lighting and a matte black finish don’t go well:


I’m still waiting for a really good 1:64 C7. This isn’t it. The stance is wrong and it’s a smidge narrow, but it’s not that bad and it’s cool to have a police version.


I know I’m not sounding super-enthused about either of these, but I’m happy with them. They’re both kind of automatic buys for me and I can’t find any real QC issues with them, which is nice.

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