Small Hawl, Y'all...

I had to take one more trip to see if I could find some parts for my Superfly project, but didn’t find what I was looking for. I’m beginning to wonder if I really saw it, or dreamed that I saw it. Oh well, keeping it even more simple then it was.
I did find these:

The Grease Rod TH (can anyone explain to me why this is a thing?), the oh-so-cool Shark Bite, with life-like jaw action (!), and the Honda Monkey Bike. The Greasy thing is up for trade.


I also picked up a MBX Vantom to see if I can Volkswagen-ify it, and the Formula Solar, to see if I can use those wheels for something cool.
It’s hard to find one with intact wheels. The foil “chrome” is damaged on like 99% of the ones I’ve come across. Nice idea, but it needs some fine tuning.
That’s all, back to the dungeon basement, and back to work!

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