Big things with little cars

Small Majorette Hawl

I got this trio of Majorettes at the Timber Dan Toy Show in Loveland, CO over the weekend;

The Citroen SM is the oldest and in nice shape. I had to get it out of one of those stupid Matchbox carrying cases that fold over in three and of course it was in the hardest-to-get-out tray in the middle bit, but it was worth the trouble!


It still has all four fog-lamps intact!

The Mazda and the Nissan 300ZX were just 50 cents each, along with a couple of equally-minty 1980's Matchbox!


300ZX has working pop-up headlamps although they are so tiny they barely pop-up. Majorette’s Toyota Celica had the same feature on earlier issues. Note the very-80's telephone-dial type wheels.


Note tiny casting flaw on the back above the left tail-light!


When Majorette introduced these wide wheels when I was a kid I did not like them at all. They’ve sort-of grown on me a bit and sort-of work here on this racecar-ish Mazda...

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