Big things with little cars

Small Saturday hawl

Ran to the pet store for some aquarium supplies. Figured I’d swing by Walmart and hope to strike truck series gold.

I did not. All I found was the bronco, which is cool! But I was hoping for some of the others. I almost think it was a return, we just got the camo series this month (I also found it in a camo series dump bin, with scotch tape holding the blister on). Found another bronco to go with it atleast! I think the mbx bronco looks a lot better. Still enjoy these though.


I have too many db5's... Who am I kidding you can’t have too many! Kind of liked the tampos on the SRT, not a modern Dodge fan. But cool cast nonetheless.

Then I found these little guys! Too dang cool! I didnt even kmow they had a jeep series. Kinda bummed i didn’t find the 3rd one. But I’m happy with the two. These two made the stop worth it! Thanks for looking, enjoy your Saturday!

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