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I finally found the GL flatbed trailer H&T set, the newest release with the Chevy Van...woohoo! Now I have to decide whether or not to return the GL Flatbed truck I hawled home previously.

I have also finally started my web page to show my loose cars for trades. I still have to go through my carded cars and decide IF any of them are up for grabs, but I’ll add to the page when I decide. This is going to make it easier for me to edit my available list as things come and go, without having to keep pointing back at my previous posts with the dozens of cars in each photo. I’ll be able to delete cars as they find new homes, and add ones that are up for a HWEP.


I see that The Hunt has been posted anew, so my want list is there. In the meantime, my page is at:

A few cars shown are in negotiation right now, but speak up if you see something you like and if it doesn’t go through, you’re on the list.

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