Big things with little cars

Smokin' Mail Call Hawl

Got a positively huge shipment in from my man in the Inland Empire.

The Camaro, Mach 1, and Cougar are part of my finally dipping a toe into the muscle car world. I actually have three of that cougar now, including the brown Redliners car that seems really underrated.


The Boogie Van is for another sub-collection. I just love brown custom 70s vans. Hell I’ve been listening to Boston all week. Maybe “Dont Look Back” is about how you can’t see out the back of those things.

This brings me up to 2, and I’ll slowly accumulate them without paying scalper rates.

The repackaged cars are my pal’s throwaways from his Kmart card collecting. Couple skylines plus a few more cheap hunks of Detroit muscle I may feature later.

Then of course there’s the Sakura Sprinter. I told myself I wasn’t going to chase those TTs around but then I found the Momo and yeah ok fine I get it now. Had to leap on the Laurel at retail prices.


Lastly, Cruella and Gru. I was a little over eager with Cruella. After I got this one via my boy, they started popping up all around me. But I’ve never found a Gru.

These are both for Project:Screentime, along with this last piece:


What in the hell? What a wild promotion. The blister is doomed and the casting is terrible, but what a find! It’s definitely in the movie collection now.

Was going to maybe finish Project:Screentime. This weekend, but instead I’m skipping town early with my family to get away from this:


Yeah. No. I'm out. 

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