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Snow White May Want to Retire (image heavy)

Snow White... He’s been from Miami to Los Angeles and back, and now I’ve finally put the finishing touches on him (exhaust:D) I’ve shared a lot of pics with this 934.5, I hope I haven’t bored anyone. I’ve finished this GT3 RS, as well. It may be time for a new piece of traveling diecast for my upcoming voyage across the pond:)

A little before and after:)
Interior done!
GT3 RS is pretty much done.
My shaky hand needs more practice and work, but, it is what it is.

I’ve really enjoyed taking pics for #mydiecastlifetour and I’m going to try to keep it fresh and relative. Here are just a few of my favs from this year:

Flying down the LA river like they did in Gone in 60 Seconds :)
Down Pacific Coast Hwy
On my way to LA, going through Utah.
Going through the mountains in Colorado
Wynwood Art District, Miami
Palm Beach, Florida

You made it this far! Here’s my next project... I went and bought a garage, and now I’ll be getting into motorsport lol:p Phase I is complete. Time for the next step:)


So, now, I’m debating which Porsche I want to elect to travel. This time, I’ll try to customize it BEFORE I start the trip;)

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