Ventured out into the snowy tundra for some car quest.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Hopefully you won’t be either!

Each one was 50 cents or less. And I’m really happy with these finds!

Dinky GT40. Needs some details and better lighting.
HW 8 Crate


MBX Citroen DS. Paint needs a good polishing.
Shelby GT500. This one has some wear so it may get a repaint.
HW Porsche 928 in pretty good shape considering its age. Will go nicely with the purple ones I have.


HW Ferrari 360 Modena. Not a big Ferrari fan but old school race numbers caught my eye. Detailing will happen.
HW 82 Toyota Supra from the Hot Ones series. This one was released in 1984!
MBX Kidnapper, er, Chevy Van. Comes with candy and a free puppy!


HW Cool One from the Mario Bros. premium series. Compleye with custom star sticker on the roof. For a customization, presumably by a child, it totally works!

Thanks for looking!