Big things with little cars

So, Hot Wheels did the Aston Martin DB10, which was the hero car in Spectre, so, what about the villain's car; the Jaguar C-X75?

Okay, so the unlike the DB10, the C-X75 was not made just for the movie, but, even as someone who has not seen the movie, I would imagine that the car used by the main antagonist would also have been pretty prominent. Granted, the car never made production(sadly), but, that didn’t stop Hot Wheels from making models of other concept cars. I don’t collect concept car models, but, I would make an exception for this one, as it did have a prominent role in a iconic movie franchise.

I suppose we could always get it in the 2017 line-up, assuming the Hot Wheels team managed to get the go-ahead to make it. Who wouldn’t want a Hot Wheels Db10 chasing a Hot Wheels C-X75?


Anyway, what do you guys think? Should we get the villain’s car to go alongside the hero’s car, although, would you even want to see this to begin with? It is a concept car that never made production, but, just so happened to have been given a prominent role in a Bond film. I would assume Hot Wheels still has the license for Jaguar, otherwise they would not have been able to put the XJ220 in the Gran Turismo 8 car set.

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