Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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So tempting. This is the daddy of all 126p models

This is a 1:8 scale 126p model (+ a Niewiadów n126 caravan) you can build from a subscription service. You subscribe to a “magazine” (usually just a few pages) and with every weekly issue you get a few parts to build your model. This particular one is supposed to run over 125 issues (so over 2 years). The overall cost of the model is pretty staggering at 3095 PLN ($792), which is more than I paid for my 1:1 scale 126, but it’s spread out over a considerable amount of time. Monthly subscription costs 100 PLN ($25.50), and you get some additional guff from it (a binder, a mug, some 1:8 scale luggage to put on the roof rack with some straps to tie it down, and finally 1:8 scale jerry can, pump and first aid kit). I’m definitely tempted.


Here’s the previous 1:8 scale model you could get from that service:

Here’s what the first issue of the Fiat series gets you. Mind, the person putting it together is a bit of an idiot and put the indicators on wrong.

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