...Since my wife will most likely kill me after she sees the amount of Tomicas I have bought this last week whilst in Japan.

Prior to arriving in Japan, I told myself I will only buy what I really liked and no just random stuff. Well, that plan went out the window fairly quickly.

If you remember, I had recently posted about my growing Tomica Subaru 360 collection. So first I saw one that I didn’t have so bought that. Then a second one appeared and then a third and so on. And you know what goes nicely next to the 360? An R2, so those started showing up at every shop I visited.

And since the new Tomicas were released today, I had to stop by the Tomica shop to pick up the new BRZ and what do you know? The first day release in yellow was available as well.

So to sum up, I bought a lot and hence my wife will probably kill me or divorce me unless I find her something nice (I did see a nice gold version of the 360 so maybe she’ll like that).

Anyway, first 2 shots are of everything I’ve got so far and following are some quick iPhone shots of the BRZs. To be honest I wasn’t sure about the yellow but it grew on me when I was taking the shots. Some nice black painted window trim on the door but the spoiler ruins it for me a bit.


SmallScale, if you’re reading this. I have not had any luck finding the TEM Suzuki pig carry and MR2 at a reasonable price. Both going for about AU$30 each on the secondary (scalpers) market. If you’re happy to pay those prices then I can grab them for you.