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Solve Car Trivia To Claim These Mystery Diecasts! [SOLVED by Berang]

I’m continuing to downsize my collection- to streamline and consolidate. This means I’m giving some HW/MB cars away. I’m not going to tell you what cars they are, but there are 14 of them. Two racecars, four trucks, three fantasy/generic cars, one roadster.

Astute viewers can figure out what one of them is. Most are in great shape. A couple have blemishes and one saw some painting experimentation that could be reversed with a steady hand.

To claim these for FREE, be the first person to comment with the correct image and a link to its source.


Find a picture of the late 1950's Japanese light truck which featured a rear-mounted diesel engine and a cab-forward, rampside pickup body style.

Edit: Yes, by “light truck” I mean a kei truck.

Happy googling!

Edit: Solved by Berang- it’s a 249cc Yanmar!

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